Your Sales Training May Have Failed You.

Care to know how?

Have you spent more in sales training than you've ever earned in commissions? Don't you feel it's time you actually make a substantial return on your investment and close deals on demand?

This Life Theme Assessment Is Designed To Help You...

Effectively Address Conflict

Most conflicts occur between two different Life Themes with different views of what is good and right. Learn that the battle is not personal and there are many techniques to persuade the un-persuadable through knowing your Life Theme and how it works in your favor.

Overcome Lack of Self Confidence

Everyone has self-confidence when expressing his or her Authentic Life Theme. Both confidence and the lack of confidence are based on Life Theme expression and are not permanent descriptions of anyone. Even a mouse will stand and fight when cornered.

Replace Negative Habits

Negative habits are symptoms of a blocked Authentic Expression. To overcome negative habits, you must first know your Authentic Identity that will reveal the type and kind of blockage to be removed. You won't know what to remove until you know what you're looking for.

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

You can only become who you are. There is a difference between new and uncomfortable activities within your comfort zone, and violating the boundary of your Authenticity. We often surprise ourselves not because we discover a new capability but rather because that capability was triggered out of dormancy.

Crushing Procrastination

Procrastination is a symptom of avoiding nonconforming activity, threatening identity stability and lack of production. This can be corrected through knowing your Life Theme.

Balance Work and Home Struggle

This is a symptom of social engineering. There is nothing wrong, just something to be aware of before correction can take place. Some say "it's important to separate work from home to have balance." Others have realized, your work is just as much part of your life as anything else. Learning how to allow your professional life and personal life coexist makes you much more effective in both areas.

Social Media Management

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John Voris is a philosopher, writer and a human motivation researcher. He graduated from University of California at Berkeley with a degree in philosophy and has never stopped his quest for answers to the deep questions.

For several decades through rich life experiences and continued research John invented a ground-breaking approach to personal inquiry that reveals a person’s underlying motivation and what they were truly designed to do.

He discovered a huge difference between how American psychology views human motivation based on behaviorism and what can be measured versus what European psychology views human motivation which is based more on Existentialism and man’s search for meaning which is not measurable.

By recognizing the symbolic clusters in the form of objects that surrounds his clients, including the words they use, he was able to discover their inner life-long motivation or as he calls it, a Life Theme.

John’s method accesses the four major Virtues of Humanity or Life Themes and how they are designed to bring us fulfillment in life. He discovered that happiness, motivation and purpose represent a triad of power intertwined beneath our personality and that for decades American psychology has been incorrect with their cult of personality as it applies to human motivation and authentic life purpose.